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Smart dimmer EV-DS01-W (Evismart)

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The Tuya Touch Wifi Dimmer Switch is a smart, touch-sensitive wall switch with remote control. The switch is made of tempered glass and installs in place of a regular wall light switch. Control your lights remotely from anywhere with your smartphone and set your work schedule. The switch can be activated by the time you get home from work. In addition to the standard on/off commands, the switch supports timer control with the required commands at the right time. If you want, you can create scenarios that work with the push of a button. It is possible to set up a smart scenario with other equipment in which the switch reacts to the temperature or humidity in the house. Voice control works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Home. Wireless standard: Wi-Fi Control: Amazon Alexa, Google Home Color: White Housing Material: Glass Power supply: From Power Supply