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Smart Radiator Controller EV-368 (Evismart)

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42.00 €

Attention! This device uses the Zigbee protocol, not WiFi. A Zigbee Hub is required to control the device. You can purchase from us or anywhere else.


The Radiator Thermostat is designed to use smart automation for space heating without unnecessary costs. The radiator thermostat with wireless control and battery power provides automation, scheduling and accurate room temperature analysis, which can reduce costs by up to 30 . You can automate it and control it manually. The radiator thermostat can be controlled via Zigbee, or manually via an app or buttons on the device and a backlit LCD screen. Features: Model name: Evismart radiator thermostat Power supply: 220W Color: white Control protocol: Zigbee Screen availability: no Controlled device type: radiator Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)