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Smart touch switch for 1 key EV-KG03-W2 (Evismart)

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15.00 €

The Tuya WiFi Smart Touch Switch is a smart accessory that controls your lighting not only through a touch panel, but also remotely from your smartphone. The transmission is wireless and uses the WiFi network to connect. In this app, you can turn lights on and off, set a schedule and timer for operation, view current status, set up voice control, and more. Thanks to the app, you can combine the operation of multiple devices by creating scenarios. For example, after the opening sensor has detected the opening of the door, the switch will automatically turn on the light in the room. Features Single-channel switch, allows you to control only one zone of lighting Wireless WiFi connection to synchronize with your smartphone Ability to set timer and schedule to turn on lights Voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa LED mode indication on the button Shared access, you can share access rights to the switch with other users. Type: Smart Switch Number of channels: 1 Switch type: touch switch Control options: local, remote from smartphone, voice control Wireless connection: WiFi Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Material: glass panel + plastic construction Color: white